Voice Sessions

Yes! I share knowledge of the technique of singing!  Although I am not a certified coach, many have asked for tips and lessons.  So i share what i have experienced and what works for me, and I call it knowledge sharing.  Here’s a little about my experience:

I have taken voice lessons for over 9 years, 2 of those coaches have been students of Julliard Conservatory of Fine Arts.  I have sung in many choirs from jazz to opera, and have directed chorus and bands of all ages for over 12 years.  Also, having my own small vocal group on the side for fun!  Music is my life, singing, chorus, & helping people expand their skills growing their voices is a big part of that.  I now direct women’s choruses, and offer vocal coaching while recording and performing my own music.  It’s all so much fun and I am blessed to be doing what i love.


What we work on –

The session begins by a series of vocal scales and warm up’s to the highest and lowest of student’s range, followed by abdominal breath exercises.  We explore vocal scales to increase flexibility and strength.  I go over harmonic interval basics so you can learn how to sing harmonies, and vocal improvisation.  I can go into music theory basics, and piano (depending on student).  Then we work on a song of your choice and a song I chose for you based on what i feel you could work on.  I have 2 student recitals each year in the Winter and Spring at the Hilo Ukulele & Guitar Shop.  Participation is the choice of the student.


COST – $30 per half hour session

*When you buy 7 in advance the 8th one is free!

(I recommend you record each session to listen back and practice to)


I currently coach voice at these locations and days:

TUE – Hilo Ukulele & Guitar Shop (56 Ponahawai St Hilo)

WED – HPP Ctr. For Spiritual Living (15-1833 Paradise Dr. HPP)


If you’d like a voice session with me, please email me at


(videos coming soon!)