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A new Season of Music is Beginning on Big Island Hawaii… Are you Ready to do Something New?

Women’s Chorus and Vocal Coaching Sessions starting back up!  Grab a slot cause they can fill up fast!  This Session Goes from August 27 – November 6 (chorus), and August 21st – December 4th (vocal sessions).

Now is the time to absorb all the things only music can teach you!

And Have Fun!



“Stay True” music video by Natalia

Thanks for all the fun footage Natalia! Off The Grid in their off time 😉 fun time 🙂

In the studio!!! FULL CD coming soon….!!!

In the studio!!! FULL CD coming soon….!!!.

First Friday in March! Come for the music, stay for Dinner! A wonderful creative dish will be served for Tin Shack’s first Dinner & Music Show!

An acoustic set will start at 6:30, and the band will go on at 8. It is such a true joy to play with all my friends! These musicians are truly seasoned to a prime ready for some serious spicy jam’s!


More Pic’s from Photo Shoots on Tour

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