Tiana Malone Jennings ~from the band~ Off The Grid

a girl in Hawaii with a band and a dream



“Stay True” music video by Natalia

Thanks for all the fun footage Natalia! Off The Grid in their off time 😉 fun time 🙂


In the studio!!! FULL CD coming soon….!!!

In the studio!!! FULL CD coming soon….!!!.

First Friday in March! Come for the music, stay for Dinner! A wonderful creative dish will be served for Tin Shack’s first Dinner & Music Show!

An acoustic set will start at 6:30, and the band will go on at 8. It is such a true joy to play with all my friends! These musicians are truly seasoned to a prime ready for some serious spicy jam’s!


More Pic’s from Photo Shoots on Tour

walk polka dot uku bkwt heather orch polka look up orchard

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