a shot from a recent show I did up mauka in Hawaii!

Doing my best to stay on top of all my stuffs! Like music, family, relationships, health, I started a body care products business, my band, Lehua, my women’s vocal group, Woman Butterfly…lot of stuffs!!! But I got a new approach to get organized! So i getting it all done brah! Cheeeeehooooo!!! Now to find the time to start that trading foreign currencies business I been thinking about lol I bet if I give up Facecrack I’d have plenty time lol!!!

Let me know your thoughts folks! What have you been up to lately?

I got a new version of an old song Im dropping next Full Moon! Stay in touch

Oh and have you checked out Patreon yet? Directly support creators like me n many more to see!

Published by elele tiana jennings

Tiana is a multi Na Hoku Hano Hano Award nominee and a Grammy Nominee for her vocal work in Hawaiian Music. She travels with her music, Directs Women's choruses and raises her family on their off grid farm in Hawaii. "I love to write music, play ukulele, guitar, piano and give thanks for a good life! I take care of our land and love growing things from Breadfruit trees to Ice Cream Beans. I am always open to learning new things, and exploring new roads." In this blog, she shares her music and her journey in discovering who she is and what she can do and in this life!


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