la hiki oct 4thAs some of you know, we live on the Big Island Hawaii where active Volcano Goddess Pele is always flowing and creating more land! Right now, there is a chance, her lava flow will possibly cross the main road we all use to get into Pahoa.  So the show will go on… Provided we can drive (or hike!) there with our sound equipment, and that the town is still above lava! No worries here! Life goes on…no matter what! I’m thankful for our community here and it’s strength!!! I am honored to live amongst such beautiful and conscious people. Mahalo nui loa!!! Catch us in Cali this OCTOBER…!!! dates TBA

We are going back to CALIFORNIA!!! Since the lava has been traveling down toward our small towns, we have decided to take a tour to a more stable playing ground! We are manifesting our bass player’s ticket now! and I give thanks for it!!! Mahalo nui loa!!!.

Also featuring Eva Gonzales from Pretty Thieves!!!  Here’s some pictures…a small taste of our amazing & magical adventure from Fresno to Mt’ Shasta. We have so many people to thank for supporting us throughout our tour!!! I am honored by the amount of abundance demonstrated in our lives!  It confirms to us that we are on the right journey!!! People love our musical medicine! And I’m so grateful to share and serve this higher vibration..more to come!!! I give thanks!!!

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