up tp speed…

So…yes, our Bass player, Erik Avery is taking a rest to recover his wrist.  So we are waiting till May for more big concerts…places like: Uncle Roberts Awa Bar, Banyan Dr. Restaurant, Blue Dragon…check back for concert dates!  For now…we are doing small shows around town like the Hilo Farmer’s market April 9th and 12th 10am to 2p.  And Tuesday mornings at the Tin Shack Bakery in Pahoa 9am to 12p will be Queen Sparrow and I.  I’m always at Pineapples Restaurant in Hilo Sundays 12 to 3pm.  We are also working in the studio to finish and refine our CD of original music!  We are planing a tour to Maui in possibly May, hit me up if you know a good place to play over there!  Also starting a fund-raiser on gofundme.com to buy plane tickets to tour Cali next Summer 2015!!!  Looking for good festivals to play in Cali and Oregon, so hit me up if you got hooks!  Yes, we stay plenty busy here in Hawaii planning our musical future!   We are looking for good management we stay so busy!!!  We are blessed to stay so busy doing what we love, spreading the musical medicine around, healing the planet…one concert at a time!!! Blessings and Aloha!!!


check back for the announcement for our new BAND NAME!!!