She. On the tip of her tongue…



1959408_745552075455786_1982264778_nShe. On the tip of her tongue. This is a modern day updated kind of burlesque, all female variety show that lets women of all walks of life come together to display a fabulous array of talents in one truly magical night! I am honored to be a part of such a large group of harmonious and supportive women! I look forward to next year’s She!






Published by elele tiana jennings

Tiana is a multi Na Hoku Hano Hano Award nominee and a Grammy Nominee for her vocal work in Hawaiian Music. She travels with her music, Directs Women's choruses and raises her family on their off grid farm in Hawaii. "I love to write music, play ukulele, guitar, piano and give thanks for a good life! I take care of our land and love growing things from Breadfruit trees to Ice Cream Beans. I am always open to learning new things, and exploring new roads." In this blog, she shares her music and her journey in discovering who she is and what she can do and in this life!


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