Coming home!!!

Looking forward to coming home to the Big Island of Hawaii after a long 6 week tour of California, Oregon and Washington!!! I played so many various places from cafe’s, bars’, restaurants, to Ukulele lessons! Β I got my first ride from ridshare on craigslist! and made a new friend, took my first city bus in San Fran, sung to the neighborhood kids on my Uncle’s block, hung with great old friends, and played with new amazing people!!! I’ve learned so very much about touring and playing with other musicians and who you can trust when you need ’em! So many adventures to be grateful for experiencing! Now I will gather funds, musicians, and ideas to finish my first album so it can be ready to return on tour next year!!! Much love and aloha to all those who helped me in my journey’s and to those I will meet in my future, I look forward to it all!!! ALOHA