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a girl in Hawaii with a band and a dream

Women’s March 2018 MUSIC :) Yay Hilo, Hawaii!!! Great turn out and POWerful speakers!!! Kimberly Dark WOW!!! And the WOMEn running for offices YAY!!! They all had great Mana as they spoke. I give thanks that this is the new world I can raise my daughters in:)

Off The Grid~ Music Blog From Big Island Hawaii


I just want to say Thank you to all the women who are kind, and sweet and sharing even through all the crap and lack of recognition.  I SEE YOU!!! I see the women who watch quietly in the shadows while the men are all too comfortable telling us what to do.  I HEAR YOU women as you turn and shift the energies through the other dimensions creating your tactics of raising the vibrations and quieting the loudest of arrogance!!! (FINALLY!!! Shut the fuck up you arrogance!) THANK YOU!!! For being the Strong Silent Spiritual Warriors you ARE!  Even when other women are shunning you for what ever reason, and you carry on without complaint, because YES you are that strong! And the message is clear, this world has gone far too long with out a Mother’s touch, so now a few spankings may be in order! lol With grace…

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Thank you Mana Festival women organizers for 2018! (even with the changes it showed how we go with Divine Flow) It was so AWEsome! And so much needed to feel the presence and power of what Women can do!!! Mahalo nui!!! PS-I made the flyer yay!

THIS FRIDAY!!! You can still DONATE!!! Save the Bee’s!!! Thank YOU!!!

Off The Grid~ Music Blog From Big Island Hawaii


If You are fortunate enough to be on the Big Island of Hawaii this Friday, January 19th 2018, please come to Puna and help us raise money to save the Bee’s!  Gentle Hive Foundation travels far and wide to teach organic clean Bee keeping.  As you know saving the Bee’s means saving the world!  If the least you can do is show up and have fun in the name of the Bee’s, please do!  We thank you for your contribution!

PS – Off The Grid plays at 2:15pm!!!

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Summer tour of 2017 pic’s! Cornstalk Fest was first up…#tourlife #givethanksforlife

Erik Avery & Tiana Malone Jennings performing with Chris Berry’s Bana Kuma Prayer-Formance at Flow Fest 2017


Off The Grid~ Music Blog From Big Island Hawaii


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We give thanks for abundance for all musicians artists in the world! Mahalo all healers!!!

it’s SOOOOOOoooooo done baby!!!

Off The Grid~ Music Blog From Big Island Hawaii

Throw back from Off The Grid West Coast Tour 2015 ~ Green Frog ~ Bellingham, WA 🙂

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Luv us some Sharky’s local coffee and raw chocolate bars:) Mahalo Ydine for putting this together so we can jam!

yes yes yes!!! dance to keep your vibes high and exercised!!!

Off The Grid~ Music Blog From Big Island Hawaii

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Flow Fest 2017!!! Off The Grid will host our own acoustic stage with a Roland Street Cube and re-chargeable batteries!!!

FLOW FEST 2017!!!

Off The Grid~ Music Blog From Big Island Hawaii


We are excited to host the first stage you will see at Green Lake! Come watch and discover the next big stars!!! get your tickets now!!! theflowfestival.com15085481_10154410987436130_6489081507377039353_n

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Off The Grid at Women’s March on Wash

love these moments!!! give thanks for your life:)

Off The Grid~ Music Blog From Big Island Hawaii


#womensmarchonwashington #equalrights #womenarepowerful #hilowomensmarch2017

Hawk Devi, Gene Tamashiro, Erik Avery, Tiana Malone Jennings, joined by Millicent Cummings

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