Kona – at the new B.I.G. Dispensary opening up! This is a free event located in the Kona Brewery Block. Open to all ages and no need medical card to get in!!! 10-6pm all day event! I go on at the start 10-12pm!!! so Come early to listen and talk story after! THURSDAY 8th of AUG 10-6pm FREE B.I.G. Dispensary Grand Opening at the Brewery Block in Kona, HI.

Papa’aloa Cafe – Such ono grinds! Live music 5 nights a week! We are honored to play here SATURDAY 17th of AUG 5:30-8pm in Papa’aloa, HI! Come get dinner and we will talk story of our last Summer’s tour adventures!

Leilani in Pahoa – just  blocks from where the lava stopped last Summer 2018, Hale Ohia is the best place for a dinner & music house concert!  SUNDAY 18th of AUG Dinner at 5 and music at 6! email us for a special invite to this amazing location! We will tell stories from our June/July tour of California and Oregon!

Hilo – The County fair is always a traditional favorite for the locals in Hawaii!  Come catch our whole band at the Fair SUNDAY Sept 22 at 8:30-9:30. Located at the Civic Auditorium & parking lots.

Questions? email us at:


Amazing fun time shooting the video for this cover, Henehene Kou Aka by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole with my sister, Hawk Devi on violin, and Rick on Ukulele and Matt on Bass!!!

Off The Grid Band ~ Tiana Malone Jennings

Henehene Kou Aka by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.  A favorite all over Hawaii ne we love playing this song and wanted to cover it to share with our friends & family the beauty and magic of the Hawaiian language in this jamming tune! This song, Henehene Kou Aka, translated to “your laughter is contaigious” is about a couple riding a trolly around to different places where they always have a good time!

We teamed up with Rick Jichaku, owner of Hilo Ukulele & Guitar Shop on Ukulele, and Matt Spencer on the bass.

Thank you so much to Alana Mirror & Matty Malone Jennings for the videography!

Tiana Malone Jennings – Ukulele & Voice

Hawk Devi – Violin

Special Thanks to Hilo Ukulele & Guitar Shop & The Pahoa Village Museum

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Off The Grid Band ~ Tiana Malone Jennings


I just want to say Thank you to all the women who are kind, and sweet and sharing even through all the crap and lack of recognition.  I SEE YOU!!! I see the women who watch quietly in the shadows while the men are all too comfortable telling us what to do.  I HEAR YOU women as you turn and shift the energies through the other dimensions creating your tactics of raising the vibrations and quieting the loudest of arrogance!!! (FINALLY!!! Shut the fuck up you arrogance!) THANK YOU!!! For being the Strong Silent Spiritual Warriors you ARE!  Even when other women are shunning you for what ever reason, and you carry on without complaint, because YES you are that strong! And the message is clear, this world has gone far too long with out a Mother’s touch, so now a few spankings may be in order! lol With grace…

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